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Unified Communications as a Service

Unified Communications as a Service is the most cost effective and efficient way to manage your phone systems. All you need is internet. UCaaS is the hassle-free method of keeping your business connected. One of the largest benefits of UCaaS is the scalability. Tradition phone systems require extensive equipment and installation in order to simply add a phone line. UCaaS is a cloud-based system therefore you can add or remove a phone line in minutes.

One of the most desirable aspects of UCaaS is the failover feature. In case of an emergency, you will not lose the ability to make or take phone calls, as all you need in order to make or take phone calls is an internet connection. UCaaS offers a level of protection for your phone systems that traditional phone systems are unable to provide. Business downtime can cost you greatly but with UCaaS’s disaster recovery your systems are protected and able to keep running. EverTech offers additional enhanced features that are put in place of case of an emergency where your calls are routed to a predefined network or auto attendant.


  • UCaaS Overview