Terms of Service

Effective Date: June 22, 2012

Welcome to the EverTech Corporation, ("EverTech") website, this is located at http://www.EverTech.net  (the “Web Site”). The following Terms of Service ("TOS") contain the terms and conditions that govern your use of the Web Site and EverTech (as defined below). These TOS describe your rights and responsibilities and what you can expect from the EverTech Service. Use of the EverTech Web Site constitutes acceptance of these TOS.

If you do not agree with any of these terms, do not access or otherwise use the Web Site or any information or materials contained on the Web Site. Your use of the Web Site shall be deemed to be your agreement to abide by each of the terms set forth below.

EverTech reserves the right to add, delete and/or modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this TOS, at any time and in its sole discretion, by posting a change notice or a new agreement on the EverTech Web Site. In the event of substantive changes to this TOS, you may be notified by email. If any modification is unacceptable to you, your only recourse is to not use the Web Site and the EverTech Service. Your continued use of the EverTech Web Site following posting of a change notice or new TOS on the EverTech Web Site will constitute binding acceptance of the changes.

1. The EverTech Service provides a number of Internet-based services through the Web Site (all such services, collectively, the "EverTech Service"). One such service enables users to purchase software, solutions, and training (collectively, "Products"). Users who wish to participate in the EverTech Affiliate Program must enter into the Affiliate Agreement. EverTech allows users to browse the Web Site and update information regarding themselves or established business agreements for compliance. EverTech may offer a number of other services on its Web Site which may change from time to time.

2. Use of the Web Site and EverTech Service

2.1 Eligibility. EverTech will only knowingly provide the EverTech Service to parties that can lawfully enter into and form contracts under applicable law. If you are under the age of 18, but at least 13 years of age, you may use the EverTech Service only under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian who agrees to be bound by these TOS. The EverTech Service is not intended for children under the age of 13.

2.2 Compliance with TOS and Applicable Law. You must comply with all of the terms and conditions of these TOS, the applicable agreements and policies referred to below, and all applicable laws, regulations and rules when you use the EverTech Service and the Web Site.

2.3 Your License to Use the Web Site and the EverTech Service.

(a) EverTech solely and exclusively owns all intellectual property and other rights, title and interest in and to the EverTech Service and Web Site, except as expressly provided for in these TOS. For example and without limitation, EverTech owns the trademarks EVERTECH CORPORATION, EVERRTECH.NET; the copyrights in and to the Web Site, and certain technology used in providing the EverTech Service. You will not acquire any right, title or interest therein under these TOS or otherwise.

(b) EverTech grants you a limited revocable license to access and use the Web Site and the EverTech Service for its intended purposes, subject to your compliance with these TOS. This license does not include the right to collect or use information contained on the Web Site for purposes prohibited by EverTech; to compete with EverTech; create derivative works based on the content of the Web Site; or download or copy the Web Site (other than page caching). If you use the Web Site in a manner that exceeds the scope of this license or breach this TOS, EverTech may revoke the license granted to you.

(c) This Section 2.3 does not pertain to your intellectual property rights. For information regarding your intellectual property rights, please see Section 4.3.


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