Strategic IT

Strategic IT planning and implementation for your small or medium sized business is an important ingredient for your business success. The right plan should reduce operational costs, speed time to market, improve overall customer service, and be a budget-able investment that grows with your business. Traditionally, larger companies hire CIOs to create a strategic IT plan, but that is too expensive for small and medium businesses. Instead, partner with EverTech and gain the expertise and experience of multiple CIOs without footing the bill for even one.

Strategic IT Planning

Regardless of your specific business type, you share a common goal with every other business person in the world—to be successful. While there are many ways to do this, it all starts with a strategic IT plan. Our services will maximize your return on IT investment. Our customized strategic IT plans address current and future requirements. EverTech creates well-crafted IT plans that address the following:

Collaboration- While all businesses use IT for communications and collaboration, each entity does it differently. EverTech will examine how your company currently does it and give recommendations make it easier to collaborate and communicate internally, with clients, and partners.

Connectivity- Having the right types of connectivity are essential both in and out of office. EverTech will assess your current and future connectivity needs, ensuring that you have the connectivity speeds and bandwidth necessary to facilitate productivity, whether you are at a desk or on a mobile device.

Remote Access Functionality- Any time you are out of office and want access to company data, you will require remote access capabilities. EverTech will analyze and choose the best remote access solution to meet your current and future needs.

Line of Business Applications- Your entity may depend on specific applications for daily tasks, your software applications need to up-to-date and under licensing agreements with optional maintenance. EverTech can help you select the best applications for your operations and ensure that they will be supported in upcoming years by the vendors.

Data Capacity- Since your company constantly generates data, it is essential to maintain enough available disk space on your laptops, workstations, and servers to store it. EverTech will assess your current and projected data storage needs and suggest the best IT practices and solutions for your needs.

Data Backup- The data your company creates needs to be backed up potentially in multiple places besides its local residence on workstations, laptops, or servers. EverTech can determine how often your data needs to be backed up and recommend the best solutions to meet your current and future needs.

Layered Security Protections- All of your IT systems need to be protected from internet attack, malware, viruses, hacking, and internal security breaches. These are constant and evolving IT exploits that can significantly disrupt your operations. If your company is governed by specific regulations or legal requirements, it is of greater importance to have a multilayered security plan in place. EverTech has considerable expertise in choosing the best methodologies and deployment practices necessary to protect your IT systems.

Infrastructure- IT infrastructure provides the foundation for your implemented IT plan.  Too often overlooked or viewed as meeting a standard, this resource is essential and in many cases is not delivering the performance as thought or specified. EverTech will determine through empirical testing that your foundation is solid and meets established technical standards. EverTech will then make sure that your IT systems are correctly configured to ensure maximized results.


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