Continuity Planning

Continuity planning is important for all businesses, regardless of size or industry. EverTech can help you create a business continuity plan that hinges around your IT environment and addresses how your company will carry on with daily business tasks in the face of adverse situations such as natural disasters (earthquakes,fires, floods, etc.) and human initiated threats such as unintentional data destruction, virus outbreak, and computer hacking.

EverTech can help you create a business continuity plan that will enable your business to carry on with little interruption of services and minimal inconvenience. Regardless of your company's specific industry, a well-crafted plan should include the following: Business impact assessment- EverTech can help your company create a realistic business continuity plan that is based upon how your business would be impacted by a loss of service. Your plan should address how your business operates and must factor in the needs for access to email, phone, sales, and other data.

Maximum downtime assessment- Let EverTech assist you assessing what your maximum downtime can be before it adversely affects your business operations. Keep in mind that you need to make an honest assessment of how long your IT systems can be down before your business is critically impacted.

Risk Assessment- An outline of all potential risks to your business should be created. EverTech can help you identify all areas of your company that might be vulnerable to threats from natural or man-made disasters. A proper risk assessment should include define all threats, the potential impact to your IT systems, and the probability that the identified risks are likely to occur. Creating a risk assessment will help prioritize your time and capital resources.

Staff Interviews- EverTech will speak with your staff throughout the construction of your business continuity plan. Staff often has insights into different aspects of your business that need to be considered. In addition, in the event of an interruption of service, your staff will have to understand how to implement your business continuity plan.

Risk Mitigation- Your continuity plan should outline how your business will respond to each identified risk. EverTech can help you choose the best solutions for your potential risks.

Testing- EverTech can provide loss-of-service simulations to test the effectiveness of the chosen solutions that are identified in your business continuity plan.


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