Business Growth

Growing your business is easier with the right IT systems in place. The best way to ensure that your IT tools will support your business now and in the future is by partnering with EverTech.

To Start- The first step in growing your business starts with hiring a qualified IT services firm like EverTech. EverTech has the experience and expertise to help you create and build an efficient IT environment to support your business as it grows. EverTech will create a specific IT plan that will support your current business IT requirements and your forecasted growth strategy. EverTech has the education, expertise, and experience that will make it easier for your current and future employees to communicate, collaborate, and share.

IT Matters- The optimal IT environment for your business provides a strong foundation for all of your business' core functions. Your IT systems need to support all of your employees, regardless of where they work, and give them access to the data they need, when they need it, so that they can get their jobs done. The best IT environment for your business will support your business' efforts in the following areas:

Sales and Marketing- One of the easiest ways to grow your business is by taking advantage of technology to support your sales and marketing efforts. The right IT systems for your business will give your sales and marketing team access to all the tools they need to close business more quickly. EverTech can help you build a customized IT network and associated application’s that provides your employees access to the following:

  • Real-time data always available regardless of location
  • Web-based forms simple to create, collect the right info and easy to use
  • Web-based product demos easily created and shared with clients and prospects, and are securely linked to your business' server
  • Newsletter and email campaigns easily created and work well.

  • Customer Relationship Management- EverTech understands that growing your business is dependent upon the relationship you cultivate with your clients. Keeping track of important client data and having the analytic tools to interpret information in numerous meaningful ways will assist you in making sound business decisions. With the right CRM application and the many third party add-ons, you can keep all of your important data in one place. EverTech can help your business choose a CRM solution that will let your business do the following:

    • Manage email, web, phone, and newsletter communications
    • Display orders, profits, and other business data for every customer
    • Integrate CRM data with Outlook

    • Communications- Communicating is at the core of every business' growth strategy, EverTech can help you select and use technology that will make it easier to connect with others. EverTech can help your business do the following:

      • Centrally manage email and voice communications with clients
      • Track other communications such as newsletters and traditional mail
      • Integrate instant messaging with your email system
      • Install a web-based chat program so customers can easily talk to your sales and marketing team
      • Choose a mobility solution that will make it easy for you to communicate, regardless of where you are working
      • Select and install a Voice Over IP solution to ensure that you never miss a phone call

      • Collaboration- Successful growth strategies are built around team effort. EverTech understands that your IT environment must make it simple for individuals to work together, regardless of their locations. EverTech will help you choose the best collaboration solution to make it easy for you to grow your business. With applications such as ACT and Microsoft Office or Google Web Apps, it is easy to create and share documents and presentations.

        Data Storage-Growing your business is dependent upon around the clock access to data. EverTech has IT systems solutions that make it easy to access the data you need, when you need it, while keeping it secure.


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