Business Dynamics

Coping with business changes as your company hits milestones can be complicated, especially when you factor in your IT environment. There are so many moving parts to worry about that it can be overwhelming to carry on with daily core business tasks while attempting to address your company's evolving IT needs. Anytime that your business undergoes a change, that's an ideal time to reassess and potentially upgrade your IT environment. Make your business changes easier by partnering with EverTech.

Facility Remodeling

In the process of remodeling your facility, EverTech can help you assess your current and future business IT needs and help you incorporate new technology into your remodeled facility. Your considerations during a facility remodeling process include the following:

Electrical Wiring- EverTech can help select the right wiring for your electrical consumption needs. Consider separate circuits for your major IT tools like printers and copiers to avoid power fluctuations and upgrade wiring in server rooms to 220V.

Cooling- EverTech can help you assess your IT environment cooling needs so that you can incorporate them into your remodel.

Wireless connectivity- EverTech can create a wireless network for your company instead of rewiring your existing network. This will save your company money and provide the flexibility to work anywhere in your facility.

Physical Security- EverTech can help you improve your business' security to protect your IT investments. Installing electric locks on server rooms and IP based video security is affordable and more easily accomplished during a remodel.

Business Relocation

Relocating your business is great time to evaluate how your company uses technology. EverTech can help you create an IT environment that is flexible, affordable, and easy to support. IT choices to consider include the following:

Hosted Solutions- Instead of moving servers, a consideration to hosted solutions can decrease your needs for server storage space and reduce your electrical bill. EverTech can help you choose the best hosting solutions to meet your business' needs.

Wireless- Moving into a new space is an opportunity to consider wireless networking. EverTech can help you create a secure wireless network that is accessible to you and your staff.

Telephony- EverTech can help you choose a Voice over IP (VoIP) solution to replace a more expensive, conventional, wired phone system.

Corporate Restructuring

Whether you are opening a second office or are completely restructuring your business, letting EverTech help you choose the right IT tools to enhance your IT environment and support your core business tasks. Considerations for this include:

Inter-office connectivity- EverTech can help you identify your communication needs and make suggestions about how to structure your corporate IT environment.

Hosted solutions- IT outsourcing providers can help you decide if hosted solutions such as Hosted Exchange, Hosted SharePoint, or are right for your restructured company. Since hosted solutions are typically billed on a per-user basis, you have the potential to save a noticeable amount of money.

Virtualization- Virtualizing your servers can reduce your costs for hardware. EverTech can help you choose the best virtualization solution for your corporate needs.

Remote Access- Access to centrally stored data needs to be available to everyone in your company, regardless of their location. EverTech can help you choose and implement a remote access solution to meet your corporate needs.


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