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millennial man and woman working together at EverTech

Providing & Supporting Innovative IT Solutions

EverTech Corporation has been family owned and operated since its humble beginnings in 1985. EverTech was founded in our CEO John Everitt’s parents basement, immediately striving and succeeding to provide EverTech customers with Innovative IT Solutions.

A year into EverTech, John found partnership in his client Ronald Hepburn. John took a leap of faith of potentially losing his best customer, only to find that he found the perfect partner. John and Ron have been successful partners in EverTech for 35 years.

As EverTech grew, the need for more office space became apparent and the company was relocated to 180 South Street in New Providence, NJ and has been there ever since.

EverTech has continued to evolve in the dynamic Information Technology sector since the beginning. As a small business, we serve primarily small and medium businesses in the NorthEast and understand their value to the community. We have also served large corporate ventures as there is no job too big or too small for EverTech. Our goal at EverTech is to provide the most effective technology and services for each individual business.

Technology is essential for any business but what many consumers do not realize is that their technology is often not designed for their specific needs in addition to a lack of personalized attention to the client from their provider. At EverTech, as a small business, we put the needs of our clients above our bottom line. This company mission results in specialized attention and long-term copasetic client relationships.

Providing Innovative IT Solutions

At EverTech, our mission is to provide you with Innovative IT Solutions for all of your needs. We work hard so you can work smart. As a small business, we specialize in meeting the needs of our small to medium business companions. We have been successfully supporting the IT of many businesses in the tristate area for over 35 years. We understand as a small business that time is money, therefore we keep up with the latest and greatest technology. As a boutique technology firm, our dedication and personalized attention puts us on a different level than big business providers because we know and care about our clients.

Supporting Our Clients

EverTech’s vision is to see small businesses succeed. We want to see small to medium businesses have the information technology support that they need in order to support their communities.

Meet Our Team

Olivia Everitt

Olivia Everitt

Marketing Manager

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Ronald Hepburn

VP Technical Services

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