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Welcome to EverTech

Since our Establishment, EverTech has been providing high-quality & sustainable Innovative IT Solutions for our clients.

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Responsive & Dependable Services

EverTech understands our clients’ requirements. We constantly review and analyze evolving technologies to offer best in class IT deployments for you. Then, we deploy responsive & dependable services to enhance your productivity and bottom line.

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Reliable & Collaborative VoIP Solutions

A complete UCaaS services portfolio: Contact Center, Hosted PBX, IVR, SD-WAN, SMS, UC-Client, Voice-to-Text and WorkForce Management.

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Innovative IT Solutions from EverTech

EverTech is the premier Innovative IT Solutions provider in New Jersey and the Tristate Area. We specialize in cultivating relationships with our clients to provide them specialized services unlike our competition. The standard IT provider, especially major corporations, do not get to know the details of a business and apply a one size fits all approach to supplying their customers. EverTech does the opposite, we take a vested interest in getting to know client’s business and what they want to achieve with their information technology. By taking stock of a client’s priorities, EverTech can provide our customers with the proper equipment, services, and support for exactly what they need.

EverTech is the ideal Managed Service Provider (MSP) for your SMB (Small to Medium Business) because we can be your personalized IT Department or work with your IT Department. We offer an extensive selection of services and support. The following is some information on our support and services: EverServe is our portfolio of support programs & services in which we manage your Information Technology as well as fix any problems that arise with your IT. EverServe is a full-service collection of programs including cloud services, IT maintenance, and many remote services.

EverTech is your one stop shop for all your Information Technology needs. Our Online Store offers immediate purchase options for equipment and services. EverServe Tech Support offers in person and remote services ranging from Data Protection to Systems Integration as well as Managed IT Services. There is no problem too big or too small for the EverServe Tech Support Team, moreover the EverServe Tech Support team will maintain and manage your Information Technology to fix problems before they arise.

EverTech implements secure Networks for your businesses, our cost effective Optimized Networks will enhance your business. We actively provision, manage and support all your Networks. EverTech offers Microsoft 365 subscriptions and support giving you the ability to utilize the best applications from Microsoft for your organization. EverTech has an extensive set of Cyber Security options for all your Information Technology, we understand the threat landscape and will give you an individualized security program to best serve your business.

EverTech VoIP is a direct and independent VoIP service provider. We offer a complete & feature rich set of advanced Unified Communications platforms and systems for your business. EverTech VoIP is a direct provider of turnkey VoIP services. EverTech VoIP walks you through the entire transition process: system proposal, term services agreements, telephone number(s), toll free service, telco number porting, and service provisioning. We continue our direct relationship by providing ongoing support, feature enhancements, reporting and your monthly billing. EverTech VoIP is s fully integrated VoIP platform with self service capabilities putting you in control. Are you tired of waiting for service and not getting the right answers? Don't settle, stop waiting, expect and get more, then start saving money with EverTech VoIP.

As a small business itself, EverTech truly understands and supports the community of small to medium size businesses (SMBs). We pride ourselves on taking the time to research and determine the best Innovative IT Solutions for your business. Unlike the one size fits all approach from many, you get ahead of your competition with EverTech's wealth of experience since 1985. As your managed IT provider, we have to stay ahead to keep you productive, compliant and evolving. Join us and get highly productive and secure Innovative IT Solutions. We are dedicated to supporting our clients, by providing optimal results from their strategic technology investments. Please review our selection of Innovative IT Solutions to see how EverTech can make a difference for your organization today. Contact or call us at 908-673-3100.

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Some Facts About Us

More than 36 years of Innovative IT Solutions

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Years of Satisfied Customers

Why Choose EverTech

Best in Class IT Equipment

Being in the industry for 36 years gives us great insight to explain best in class technology leaders, top product selection and industry best practices.

Dedicated 24/7 Support

You can rely on our 24/7 tech support that will gladly solve any technical issue you may have: On-Site or Remotely.

Subscriptions and Trials

Our subscription programs are flexible reducing your costs and increasing cashflow. We offer 30-day trials for select equipment and service programs.

Agile and Fast Results

Time is money. EverTech seeks and maintains long-standing customer relationships with an involved deep understanding of your needs.

Get the most out of your IT investment

Our systems integration skills emphasize our customers achieving faster results through collaborative computing.

Highest Quality Deliverables

All our Innovative IT Solutions start by creating a vastly improved IT architecture. With our Industry experience and a deep understanding of best-in-class practices, your business benefits.

Our Clients

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