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EverTech has continued to evolve in the dynamic Information Technology sector since the beginning. As a small business, we serve primarily small and medium businesses in the Northeast and understand their value to the community. We have also served large corporate ventures as there is no job too big or too small for EverTech. Our goal at EverTech is to provide the most effective technology and services for each individual business.

Technology is essential for any business but what many consumers do not realize is that their technology is often not designed for their specific needs in addition to a lack of personalized attention to the client from their provider. At EverTech, as a small business, we put the needs of our clients above our bottom line. This company mission results in specialized attention and long-term copasetic client relationships.

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Microsoft 365, formerly known as Office 365, is the quintessential productivity pack of applications for your business. Microsoft 365 is an essential part of a business’s Information Technology because the Microsoft 365 applications are unparalleled. Microsoft 365 provides cloud-based applications in addition to downloadable applications – making collaboration easier than ever! Microsoft 365 streamlines your business’s communications and collaborations. Microsoft 365 is a line of subscription services providing cloud-based software as a service product. All Microsoft 365 components can be managed though the Office 365 online portal. All of the Microsoft Office essentials can be downloaded and used on your computer, accessed through a browser, or used as an app on your phone. There is a variety of subscription types available suited to meet your needs.


EverServe is your premier Information Technology Support and Service programs. Each EverServe client is provided with a specialized service and support program designed by our EverServe Team. We take great pride in cultivating a specific program for each of our clients by building a relationship with them and understanding their business. Our EverServe program has brought satisfaction to many small to medium businesses in a variety of industries over the years. Often an IT department is not something a small to medium business can support full time financially. EverServe by EverTech functions as your company’s as needed IT department.


The Information Technology Network of your business is like the nervous system of the body, it is a crucial part of your company’s infrastructure. Just like the nervous system, your IT network controls and keeps the end points of your IT properly functioning. Setting up an Information Technology Network is not as simple as calling your internet provider and having them set up WIFI, you need to take into consideration the inner workings of your business in addition to the location of your business. The inner workings of your business are comprised of your employees and the applications they are running as well as the types of end points on your system.


Information Technology Security or IT Cybersecurity is an absolute necessity for your business. A customized security solution for your business is critical infrastructure. Information Technology Security is not one size its all, your IT security will be ineffective if it is not designed specifically for your Information Technology hardware and software. The EverTech EverServe IT Support Team specializes in designing innovative IT security solutions. The EverTech EverServe Tech Support Team takes cybersecurity for your company’s Information Technology as seriously as we take our own. We want you and your customers to know that their personal information is in safe hands that’s why we offer Security Compliance in addition to Policy Management. We can configure and implement Cloud and Virtual Security as well as on premise security for your devices, Local Networks, and Wireless Devices.

Technology Consulting

Are you overwhelmed by the prospect of integrating your technology? Does it seem too complicated? The process of Information Technology Systems Integration is the process of joining the physical and virtual components of your information technology to work cohesively as one system. The physical components of your system are all of your endpoints such as computers and phones in addition to your hardware such as serves and other hardware. The virtual components of your information technology are your software and applications in addition to your data and databases, any cloud-based systems.


Unified Communications as a Service is the most cost-effective and efficient way to manage your communications. All you need is internet. UCaaS is the hassle-free method of keeping your business connected. One of the largest benefits of UCaaS is the scalability. Virtual offices and video conference meetings are key to collaboration and staying current. UCaaS is a cloud-based system therefore you can add or remove devices in minutes.

Business downtime can cost you greatly but with UCaaS’s disaster recovery your systems are protected and able to keep running. EverTech offers additional enhanced features that are put in place of case of an emergency where your calls are routed to a predefined network or auto attendant.

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